Monday, February 8, 2016

My experience writing this was quite strange, we are always told to never write about yourself and here we are writing some personal narrative in our first paper. I learned a lot about writing in the pre writing exercises that we did before we even started the paper but the paper really sealed them in. I think that I did stick to my design plan for the most part and that I do not need to change my design plan, writing the personal narrative part of the story was the hardest part for me because I am not used to writing about myself. I actually did not have any personal narrative until the final draft when i went to the writing center. Until the very end I would sat that I did not accomplish what I set out to do. I did round it out after the writing center visit however and I think that I turned in a well-executed paper. Without the peer reviews and the writing center i do not know if i would have caught my big mistake. Writing about myself has been for so long said is a bad thing to do and that i should never need to. It was difficult to add in my personal narrative and i think i could have done better but i did not know exactly how it was supposed to be done. The rubric called for some personal narrative so i figured that it should not be a bulk of the essay so not that much is personal narrative just the bare minimum. There could be far more personal narrative but i did not see this project as a life story. I took it as an opportunity to talk about a very broad subject and add the minimum amounts of personal narrative to it. 

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