Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ted talk discussion

I believe that i am lucky because i have already found a career that i love and has a future. What i love is flying and just being above the ground safely. What i want to do as a career would be to be a pilot. I think that being a pilot would be the best job i could possibly have. Tomorrow i will study harder on my aviation classes and work harder on my ground school in order to reinforce that. I want to be able to focus more on aviation classes and do the best i possibly can on them so that idea can come true. I will try to be the best pilot student i can to get ahead of the curve and do what i want to do sooner and as one of the best.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my research question

1. I chose this topic because because I don't have an answer for it yet. I will be researching for the answer to the question: Does the federal government spend too much of aid? It interests me and
i will be able to write about it.
2.I want to be able to answer the question on if the government spends too much on federal aid or if it not enough. I want to be able to say weather or not the government is overspending and people have just gotten used to getting money for free or if the people need more money.
3. I want to research this question because I believe it is an issue that is talked about today and that affects everyone in some way. It affects people in that it helps them or that it takes money out of their pocket. It is a widely talked about topic and it interests me.
4. I need to learn more about where all the government spending goes and how it helps or hurts people.I need to learn about the aid and how it has risen in recent years and if that has made it better or if more people are taking advantage of it.
5. I need to get information from experts on government spending maybe in the field of history or american government.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

reflecting experience wp#2

I thought that we started this paper off very fast and were not given much time to choose a topic. I did find a topic that fit me well though. i kept to my design plan very well, i feel like. I didn't sway from my design plan and kept the paper how i originally planned it to be. Finding the sources was not hard, as it is a broad topic but i did have trouble combining them. My original paper did not do a good job at synthesizing but in my final revisions i did get the sources to inter mingle and work better together. After going to the writing center i realized that i needed to fix the paper to fit the assignment better. I added quotes to fit together better and fixed many grammar. I still kept to my original design plan but i did move my paper around so that it would fill the assignment requirements better. My paper does sound like an argumentative paper at times but it does tie back into facts that i found. When at the writing center the tutor believed that the argument sounding parts tied the paper together so i left those parts in. The paper was a challenge but i do think that i did better than the last paper. I tried to introduce the quotes then tie them into my writing. Then i would summarize the quote then introduce the next quote and try to tie them together and repeat the process.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Today we did the second peer reviews of writing project two. It went well and we have already finished the review. we only had to do one review because one person in our group has been missing and does not have a first draft finished. The persons paper we reviewed was very well written and had good flow. the transitions that were used were well placed and allowed for easy transition into the next paragraphs. I thought that the peer reviews went well and that the papers involved had a good start. Every paper needs some revising but every paper always does. For a college paper i think they will turn out well and we gave advice on how to make it even better

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes
Describing topic- My topic is about gun control and how more gun control can be harmful. In it i plan to explain how guns have helped with crime and violence but also how the have helped to create violence. that guns can be used as a way to deter criminals before they even commit a crime. I plan on using statistics to show places with high number of gun compared to crime rate. That not only gun owners but more importantly people with concealed carry permits could be the key to lower crime rates. In a study of criminals, people are less likely to commit a crime for fear of citizens having a gun rather than the police showing up. I am going to try and stay away from using fear as a persuader because that is how anti gun lobbyist are trying to gain support. I have the facts that will hopefully show people my age that guns are not the problem, the people are the problem.

source 1 - Gun free zones are less helpful that expected - This article does have some bias towards my point of view but also shows facts that i would like to use. It goes into how places that have concealed carry practice are have lower crime rates while places like Chicago where gun laws are the strictest have the highest crime rates.

source 2 - Gun utopias? ...  This article is a fairly unbiased article but does show statistics that help my cause. It goes into places that have a low crime rate and low gun ownership like places like Switzerland and takes statistics with crime rates. The rates show how yet the crime rate is low, violent crimes are still committed with guns and that strict gun laws have not stopped guns from being used.

source 3 - Why I Chose the Gun - this is a ted talk by Peter van Uhm and he mostly talks about how guns have came to help lower crime rates dramatically in the last 500 years and how they can be a tool of peace not just war. That guns in the proper hand enforce peace rather than commit crimes. I take that idea into the common community, with more guns in the hands of people that want peace can lower crime rates.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining shooting

Shooting has become a bad thing in the eyes of a lot of society in recent years. Shooting for most of the gun owning population is just a popular pass time to have fun. We have fun challenging ourselves to take a tougher and tougher shot. i personally like the long range shooting because it inst something you can just do without practice and knowledge, it takes a certain skill set that you need to work up. It teaches you about your body and how the slightest detail can mess up the shot. You know what the wind does to a bullet even how your heart beat can effect a bullet. My longest shots are hitting a chest sized target from 500 yards away 7 out of 10 times. I am very interested in shooting because it is an expertise, something that is trained for and not just given. It requires you to put in your best effort and the rewards of hitting that target 500 yards away is amazing. you are overwhelmed with pride because you know you earned it and no one else effected that moment in any way. I am also fantasized by watching the bullet travel through the air for about 3 seconds. many can say the have shot a gun but not many can say that they watched their very own shot travel through the air with a great arc and strike the target. You can see the bullet hit far before you hear the ting of metal on metal. I am so interested in shooting because you earn what you are given, everything is it that exact moment, and it is a fantasizing thing to watch from long distances.

Monday, February 8, 2016

My experience writing this was quite strange, we are always told to never write about yourself and here we are writing some personal narrative in our first paper. I learned a lot about writing in the pre writing exercises that we did before we even started the paper but the paper really sealed them in. I think that I did stick to my design plan for the most part and that I do not need to change my design plan, writing the personal narrative part of the story was the hardest part for me because I am not used to writing about myself. I actually did not have any personal narrative until the final draft when i went to the writing center. Until the very end I would sat that I did not accomplish what I set out to do. I did round it out after the writing center visit however and I think that I turned in a well-executed paper. Without the peer reviews and the writing center i do not know if i would have caught my big mistake. Writing about myself has been for so long said is a bad thing to do and that i should never need to. It was difficult to add in my personal narrative and i think i could have done better but i did not know exactly how it was supposed to be done. The rubric called for some personal narrative so i figured that it should not be a bulk of the essay so not that much is personal narrative just the bare minimum. There could be far more personal narrative but i did not see this project as a life story. I took it as an opportunity to talk about a very broad subject and add the minimum amounts of personal narrative to it. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I just started to lean more about instrument 2. We have so far covered similar things to instrument one but i expect there to be more new things to learn coming up. Most of what we covered was just review for me. I would like to not do as much ground and just be able to fly but there isnt much you can do about weather. When the weather inst good then you just have to accept it and get ahead on ground work.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

brushing your teeth to an alien. You take a narrow, long piece of plastic that has small bristles on the end of it. Plastic is just a hard substance that is poisonous to humans when in our body. The bristles on the end are just like tiny hairs or very thin strands of more plastic. Then you take some toothpaste, from inside yet another plastic item, this time a tube. the tube has a plastic cap that screws onto the opening where flavorful teeth cleaning substance comes out. You squeeze the tube until it comes out and you place the substance onto the bristles of the toothbrush. Now you are ready to actually brush, place the toothbrush in your mouth and rub the bristles with the paste along your teeth one at a time each for about 10 seconds. as you brush you can keep your mouth open or closed but the objective is to have the bristles clean all parts of your teeth. if this alien does not have teeth, teeth are like bones that we can see, humans use them to chew tear and mash up the food we eat. if this alien doesn't have bones then bones are very hard objects that make up the shape of a human, they are all around inside our body and without them we would just be a puddle. if the alien doesn't eat somehow then as humans we need to ingest objects that give our bodies fuel to function. we ingest it by eating it with our mouths and chewing it up so that our body can take the energy out of it. if you don't know what fuel is or what it does then, fuel is anything that provides energy to something that needs it. food is fuel to humans as gas is to vehicles i'm sure you have a spaceship or something but if not. vehicles are anything from cars to planes. A car is a hunk of metal on wheels the gas powers the car wheels to turn and propel the  car forward or backward. oh you don't have wheels either. well wheels are round objects that are rounded the same distance from the center all the way around. The wheel can rotate freely with little resistance.

what does it mean when i say... alien ?
It simply means someone that is not from here. an alien isn't something strange from some far out galaxy's other world. an alien could be as simple as someone you don't know. Most people don't bring it to that extreme but they do bring the word to things like illegal aliens, someone not from this country. An illegal alien is someone that crosses our boarder and now live here without the governments consent. Yes an alien can still be some odd creature from some planet light years away but that isn't very common in our time of age. alien has a much more common use that making movies about just that, it can be used more often than that. Movies that contain aliens from outside worlds have given that word the meaning of from very very far away. an alien can be from right here on earth like stated before. It is like when people say they saw an UFO doesn't mean that it was from outer space it just means it was an unidentified flying object. it could have been anything that flies. it could have just been a new military aircraft that no one knows about, it could have been some drone that a kid was flying, anything at all.

Thinking of the meaning of words is like trying to find the deeper meaning of life. On the outside you know what it is supposed to mean and what it is supposed to look like. but when you look closer you can see the flaws and you try to find what the real meaning or what other meanings are. words are hard to examine just like the meaning of life the meaning of life is just examining a bunch of words to try and see how they all match. In order to find the meaning of life you need to find the meanings to the words that you think make up life. like happiness for instance many many people think life is just about being happy and fulfilling your life as you please. Happiness can mean different things to different people. happiness can be doing what you love as a job or being with the person that fills you with joy. then you would have to find all the meanings to those words. That's why always chasing the meaning of life will not get you to the end because you will always have words to describe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I learned today was how a design plan works while writing. That although many sources may have you think about genre first, it is the audience you are writing to affects all other outcomes. The audience really is the most important thing that you should focus on first. On a completely different note I learned more new things about aviation like safety management and things like vor heights and vor types.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blogging can often cause more problems than it creates. In order to properly blog people should have respect for one another. It is our responsibility to respect the people we want to inform while still saying what is wanted to be said. We have to understand that other people will be reading the blog and that you can't expect them to respect you if you do not show some form of respect in your writing. 

We should not allow respect from holding us back, if a subject is sensitive but needs to be talked about we have the responsibility to talk about it. We can not leave subjects in the dark because some people don't want to talk about it. The subject will never improve or change if it remains never to be talked about. It is our responsibility as bloggers to talk about what needs to be talked about while trying to respect all readers. It is that balance that every blogger should strive to find. 

I believe it is the same way when we communicate in general, we don't want to insult a person so badly that they don't want to talk anymore. In something like a debate however you need to get your point across, just try to do it in a respectful way.