Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my research question

1. I chose this topic because because I don't have an answer for it yet. I will be researching for the answer to the question: Does the federal government spend too much of aid? It interests me and
i will be able to write about it.
2.I want to be able to answer the question on if the government spends too much on federal aid or if it not enough. I want to be able to say weather or not the government is overspending and people have just gotten used to getting money for free or if the people need more money.
3. I want to research this question because I believe it is an issue that is talked about today and that affects everyone in some way. It affects people in that it helps them or that it takes money out of their pocket. It is a widely talked about topic and it interests me.
4. I need to learn more about where all the government spending goes and how it helps or hurts people.I need to learn about the aid and how it has risen in recent years and if that has made it better or if more people are taking advantage of it.
5. I need to get information from experts on government spending maybe in the field of history or american government.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

reflecting experience wp#2

I thought that we started this paper off very fast and were not given much time to choose a topic. I did find a topic that fit me well though. i kept to my design plan very well, i feel like. I didn't sway from my design plan and kept the paper how i originally planned it to be. Finding the sources was not hard, as it is a broad topic but i did have trouble combining them. My original paper did not do a good job at synthesizing but in my final revisions i did get the sources to inter mingle and work better together. After going to the writing center i realized that i needed to fix the paper to fit the assignment better. I added quotes to fit together better and fixed many grammar. I still kept to my original design plan but i did move my paper around so that it would fill the assignment requirements better. My paper does sound like an argumentative paper at times but it does tie back into facts that i found. When at the writing center the tutor believed that the argument sounding parts tied the paper together so i left those parts in. The paper was a challenge but i do think that i did better than the last paper. I tried to introduce the quotes then tie them into my writing. Then i would summarize the quote then introduce the next quote and try to tie them together and repeat the process.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Today we did the second peer reviews of writing project two. It went well and we have already finished the review. we only had to do one review because one person in our group has been missing and does not have a first draft finished. The persons paper we reviewed was very well written and had good flow. the transitions that were used were well placed and allowed for easy transition into the next paragraphs. I thought that the peer reviews went well and that the papers involved had a good start. Every paper needs some revising but every paper always does. For a college paper i think they will turn out well and we gave advice on how to make it even better