Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes
Describing topic- My topic is about gun control and how more gun control can be harmful. In it i plan to explain how guns have helped with crime and violence but also how the have helped to create violence. that guns can be used as a way to deter criminals before they even commit a crime. I plan on using statistics to show places with high number of gun compared to crime rate. That not only gun owners but more importantly people with concealed carry permits could be the key to lower crime rates. In a study of criminals, people are less likely to commit a crime for fear of citizens having a gun rather than the police showing up. I am going to try and stay away from using fear as a persuader because that is how anti gun lobbyist are trying to gain support. I have the facts that will hopefully show people my age that guns are not the problem, the people are the problem.

source 1 - Gun free zones are less helpful that expected - This article does have some bias towards my point of view but also shows facts that i would like to use. It goes into how places that have concealed carry practice are have lower crime rates while places like Chicago where gun laws are the strictest have the highest crime rates.

source 2 - Gun utopias? ...  This article is a fairly unbiased article but does show statistics that help my cause. It goes into places that have a low crime rate and low gun ownership like places like Switzerland and takes statistics with crime rates. The rates show how yet the crime rate is low, violent crimes are still committed with guns and that strict gun laws have not stopped guns from being used.

source 3 - Why I Chose the Gun - this is a ted talk by Peter van Uhm and he mostly talks about how guns have came to help lower crime rates dramatically in the last 500 years and how they can be a tool of peace not just war. That guns in the proper hand enforce peace rather than commit crimes. I take that idea into the common community, with more guns in the hands of people that want peace can lower crime rates.

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