Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining shooting

Shooting has become a bad thing in the eyes of a lot of society in recent years. Shooting for most of the gun owning population is just a popular pass time to have fun. We have fun challenging ourselves to take a tougher and tougher shot. i personally like the long range shooting because it inst something you can just do without practice and knowledge, it takes a certain skill set that you need to work up. It teaches you about your body and how the slightest detail can mess up the shot. You know what the wind does to a bullet even how your heart beat can effect a bullet. My longest shots are hitting a chest sized target from 500 yards away 7 out of 10 times. I am very interested in shooting because it is an expertise, something that is trained for and not just given. It requires you to put in your best effort and the rewards of hitting that target 500 yards away is amazing. you are overwhelmed with pride because you know you earned it and no one else effected that moment in any way. I am also fantasized by watching the bullet travel through the air for about 3 seconds. many can say the have shot a gun but not many can say that they watched their very own shot travel through the air with a great arc and strike the target. You can see the bullet hit far before you hear the ting of metal on metal. I am so interested in shooting because you earn what you are given, everything is it that exact moment, and it is a fantasizing thing to watch from long distances.

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