Thursday, January 28, 2016

brushing your teeth to an alien. You take a narrow, long piece of plastic that has small bristles on the end of it. Plastic is just a hard substance that is poisonous to humans when in our body. The bristles on the end are just like tiny hairs or very thin strands of more plastic. Then you take some toothpaste, from inside yet another plastic item, this time a tube. the tube has a plastic cap that screws onto the opening where flavorful teeth cleaning substance comes out. You squeeze the tube until it comes out and you place the substance onto the bristles of the toothbrush. Now you are ready to actually brush, place the toothbrush in your mouth and rub the bristles with the paste along your teeth one at a time each for about 10 seconds. as you brush you can keep your mouth open or closed but the objective is to have the bristles clean all parts of your teeth. if this alien does not have teeth, teeth are like bones that we can see, humans use them to chew tear and mash up the food we eat. if this alien doesn't have bones then bones are very hard objects that make up the shape of a human, they are all around inside our body and without them we would just be a puddle. if the alien doesn't eat somehow then as humans we need to ingest objects that give our bodies fuel to function. we ingest it by eating it with our mouths and chewing it up so that our body can take the energy out of it. if you don't know what fuel is or what it does then, fuel is anything that provides energy to something that needs it. food is fuel to humans as gas is to vehicles i'm sure you have a spaceship or something but if not. vehicles are anything from cars to planes. A car is a hunk of metal on wheels the gas powers the car wheels to turn and propel the  car forward or backward. oh you don't have wheels either. well wheels are round objects that are rounded the same distance from the center all the way around. The wheel can rotate freely with little resistance.

what does it mean when i say... alien ?
It simply means someone that is not from here. an alien isn't something strange from some far out galaxy's other world. an alien could be as simple as someone you don't know. Most people don't bring it to that extreme but they do bring the word to things like illegal aliens, someone not from this country. An illegal alien is someone that crosses our boarder and now live here without the governments consent. Yes an alien can still be some odd creature from some planet light years away but that isn't very common in our time of age. alien has a much more common use that making movies about just that, it can be used more often than that. Movies that contain aliens from outside worlds have given that word the meaning of from very very far away. an alien can be from right here on earth like stated before. It is like when people say they saw an UFO doesn't mean that it was from outer space it just means it was an unidentified flying object. it could have been anything that flies. it could have just been a new military aircraft that no one knows about, it could have been some drone that a kid was flying, anything at all.

Thinking of the meaning of words is like trying to find the deeper meaning of life. On the outside you know what it is supposed to mean and what it is supposed to look like. but when you look closer you can see the flaws and you try to find what the real meaning or what other meanings are. words are hard to examine just like the meaning of life the meaning of life is just examining a bunch of words to try and see how they all match. In order to find the meaning of life you need to find the meanings to the words that you think make up life. like happiness for instance many many people think life is just about being happy and fulfilling your life as you please. Happiness can mean different things to different people. happiness can be doing what you love as a job or being with the person that fills you with joy. then you would have to find all the meanings to those words. That's why always chasing the meaning of life will not get you to the end because you will always have words to describe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I learned today was how a design plan works while writing. That although many sources may have you think about genre first, it is the audience you are writing to affects all other outcomes. The audience really is the most important thing that you should focus on first. On a completely different note I learned more new things about aviation like safety management and things like vor heights and vor types.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blogging can often cause more problems than it creates. In order to properly blog people should have respect for one another. It is our responsibility to respect the people we want to inform while still saying what is wanted to be said. We have to understand that other people will be reading the blog and that you can't expect them to respect you if you do not show some form of respect in your writing. 

We should not allow respect from holding us back, if a subject is sensitive but needs to be talked about we have the responsibility to talk about it. We can not leave subjects in the dark because some people don't want to talk about it. The subject will never improve or change if it remains never to be talked about. It is our responsibility as bloggers to talk about what needs to be talked about while trying to respect all readers. It is that balance that every blogger should strive to find. 

I believe it is the same way when we communicate in general, we don't want to insult a person so badly that they don't want to talk anymore. In something like a debate however you need to get your point across, just try to do it in a respectful way.