Thursday, March 17, 2016

reflecting experience wp#2

I thought that we started this paper off very fast and were not given much time to choose a topic. I did find a topic that fit me well though. i kept to my design plan very well, i feel like. I didn't sway from my design plan and kept the paper how i originally planned it to be. Finding the sources was not hard, as it is a broad topic but i did have trouble combining them. My original paper did not do a good job at synthesizing but in my final revisions i did get the sources to inter mingle and work better together. After going to the writing center i realized that i needed to fix the paper to fit the assignment better. I added quotes to fit together better and fixed many grammar. I still kept to my original design plan but i did move my paper around so that it would fill the assignment requirements better. My paper does sound like an argumentative paper at times but it does tie back into facts that i found. When at the writing center the tutor believed that the argument sounding parts tied the paper together so i left those parts in. The paper was a challenge but i do think that i did better than the last paper. I tried to introduce the quotes then tie them into my writing. Then i would summarize the quote then introduce the next quote and try to tie them together and repeat the process.

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